The Linobambaki of Cyprus


Outwardly Muslim, the Linobambaki or Linobamvaki, which means cotton linen sect secretly professed christianity. The majority of Linobambaki were Latin and Maronite civilians.

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Louroudjina, the hub of the Linobambakis

Residents of Louroujina village are (at least nominally) Muslims of Linobambaki origins. They still keep their Italian surnames and speak Greek as their mother tongue. However, after campaigns of "turkification" by consecutive Rauf Denktash governments, they were given surnames in Turkish, speaking Greek was discouraged and the name of the village was changed into Akıncılar (meaning "Ottoman raiders" in Turkish) Louroujina is known politically as a leftist stronghold in Northern Cyprus.

On some Greek Cypriot maps, the village is spelt as Loyroykina, or Lurucina.

Many Turkish Cypriots today have a Linobambaki heritage.


Churches were routinely physically converted too, like the people...


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